Tattoo Shop Reviews 18.Four Hours of my Bangalore Hand Tattoo Story 2019_MGR BITES_Is It really Painful?

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18.Four Hours of my Bangalore Hand Tattoo Story 2019_MGR BITES_In my hand_Is It really Painful?

A special long back video took at late September 2019.
This is my Bangalore Tattoo story 2019.
This Tattoo is not done with any of the outside Bangalore tattoo shop.
My friend is a Tattoo professional. He was introduced to me by my close friend Bala.
This is the easy way to make tattoo.
Siva Face Tattoo in my right hand skin.
Took four hours to complete the tattoo.
This will a short story type video with some slides and images.
It will be a full length story starting how I have started liking Tattoos.
How I have selected a Tattoo.
steps my friend followed to apply the Tattoo.
Is it a really painful while putting Tattoo
Finally the present status of my Tattoo.
There is no side effects of tattoo, if we are not applying any of the medicine over there.
Leave as such and use coconut oil if it is necessary. At worst case you can use Vaseline.
Enjoy the video and comment your Tattoo in the comment box.

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