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Types of tattoo ink. There are many, many companies out there. There are a lot of really reputable companies. I love Eternal. It’s a very good ink. I’m actually going to have my own artist series of ink that should be coming out soon. Eternal is really good. There are a lot of companies. There’s really a huge market of ink. For blacks, I use a Katsumi outlining black. There’s Dynamic, there’s Talons, there’s old Pelican. A lot of people do black and gray work and they use the old school Pelican. It’s really hard to find now, but that’s what they learned with. That’s what I learned with. I prefer Katsumi just because it’s versatile enough for me to be able to line and gray wash and it still be really soft, because it breaks down really well. Some blacks don’t break down a lot and some have a little blue tone to it. They’re all different. So, it’s really a personal touch, what you work with and what you get used to. Eternal has a really huge line of colors and I use that. It’s really a personal thing.