Tattoo Shop Reviews All about Tattoo removal in Delhi at SkinQure | Permanent Tattoo Removal (in Hindi)

Know all about Tattoo removal by Q-swiyched Nd-YAG Laser – Helois-III , most effective laser for tattoo removal.

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Dr Jangid, Hair transplant expert also AIIMS 2nd Rank Holder is here to answer the most frequent question asked by people looking for Hair transplant surgery.

Dr. Jangid, MD Skin is one the best Hair Transplant Surgeon in Delhi NCR, with more than 12 years of experience in new treatments, technology and research into skin and hair problems, skin surgeries, hair transplant, Lasers and anti-ageing. Dr. Jangid tops the list of best dermatologist in Delhi.

Why Dr. Jangid?

12 Years Experience in Hair Transplant
Best Dermatologist in Delhi NCR 207
2nd rank in AIIMS SR 2013
Winner ACSICON EP 2015
Performed more than 1500 Hair treatments
Derma Quiz Winner

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