Tattoo Shop Reviews Aravind 2 Telugu Full Movie | Srinivas, Sri Reddy, Madhavilatha | Sri Balaji Video

Watch & Enjoy Aravind 2 Full Movie With English Subtitles Exclusively on Sri Balaji Video. #Aravind2 Movie Starring Srinivas, #MadhaviLatha, Kamal Kamaraju, Srinivas Avasarala, Adonica, #SriReddy Director Shekhar Suri, Music Composed by Vijay Kurakula.

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There are two stories in Aravind 2. A group of friends go to Goa on a camp, all of them go missing except one and that is Shree. The arrested Shree comes out of jail with the help of Priya’s (Madhavi Latha’s) father and bumps into a director (Srinivasa Avasarala) and turns into a second hero for the film. First hero is Kamal Kamaraju. Both the heroes with the rest of the cast and crew go to the forest named Dandeli and get killed one by one leaving only three alive, who are they and how did they escape from the killer?

Shekar Suri was successful in drawing performances from his actors and the required output from his technical team but he couldn’t shape the script well. The story could have been thriller but the entire film is about running and killing. He failed in unveiling the suspense and showing logic. It is commendable that he got inspired from Friday the 13th but the psycho play became too one sided.

The psycho behaves like an animal but has the intelligence, wonder why he was pooling all the corpses together? We don’t understand why the man goes about killing all people just because of his personal angst. He started off the film with an erotic song and got the director to say that films run because of double entendre. Those who are fond of thrillers will find this movie good, the locations have been exploited well and the music too was very good.

Kamal Kamaraju and Srinivasa Avasarala did a good job, Shree looked very dull compared to his first film Ee Rojullo. The dialogue modulation was very immature in the first few minutes of the film. There is nothing else to do in the film except running but the director did a good job of capturing fear on the character’s faces. Editing has much to be desired. If the director had a grip over his story, the out put would have been something else, it would have been a nice thriller.