Tattoo Shop Reviews Bart Andrews on NC tattoo history, his FL tattoo studio & convention – artist interview clip 2019

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Bart Andrews skypes in from Jacksonville Florida for an interview about a a variety of topics as wide as his styles! In this clip he talks about the tattoo history of Jacksonville, North Carolina which claims tattooers such as Paul Rodgers, Huck Spalding, Zeke Owen, and Gil Monte, Camp Lejeune, tattooing flash from back in the day, the variety of styles he learned how to tattoo, the types of tattoo clients he enjoys working with, the styles of tattooing that are offered at his tattoo studio in Jacksonville, Florida including the artists who work in a variety of styles as well as the world class black and grey tattoos that set the studio apart, resident tattooers Skyler, Mike Franco, and his partner Pepper, their guests James Vaughn and Devin Coley. Also discussed is the effect of the internet on the tattoo artists advancement, how travel effects atists work, tattoo conventions since 2006 including Little John’s(RIP) Greensborough show, Billy Eason’s OG Richmond Tattoo Convention (currently hosted by Jesse Smith and Kenny Brown), the Cape Fear show, and the show he currently co-produces, the Imperial Tattoo and Arts Festival in Jacksonville, Florida. Last topics include the effects of having a family while tattooing and managing 5 studios(!!!).

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