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Even though Templar Arts is located in Lakewood, Co they have clients traveling from out of state to get their tattoos done at Templar Arts Tattoo. They do an excellent job with cover up tattoos. This is another reason people will come to Templar Arts Tattoo from surrounding cites like Denver, Aurora, Broomfield, Thornton, Highlands Ranch and Castle Rock to get their custom ink done by Templar Arts Tattoo. Being one of the best tattoo shops in the Denver market and a shop that offers affordable tattoos clients know they will get a great custom piece of art on their body. Templar Arts Tattoo is proud of their relaxed atmosphere and their knowledgeable artists are happy to spend the time with each client to hear their concerns and ideas of what they want for their custom tattoo. Many questions people ask is, do tattoos bleed? Do tattoos fade? Do tattoos hurt? Do tattoos peel? Do tattoos stretch? Do tattoos really hurt? How would you describe the pain of getting a tattoo? Do you tip your tattoo artist? How can I go swimming with a new tattoo? How can I shower with a new tattoo? How can I get a tattoo at 16? How can I get a tattoo at 17? How much is a cover up tattoo? How much is a rose tattoo? How much is a watercolor tattoo? How to care for a tattoo? How to design a tattoo? How would I look with a sleeve tattoo? How would I look with a tattoo? Where should I get a tattoo? Should you tip a tattoo artist? Should I get a tattoo? What should I put on my tattoo? Should a tattoo peel? Should a Christian get a tattoo? How would I look with a tattoo? How to tattoo eyebrows? And the list goes on and on.