Tattoo Shop Reviews Let’s Talk About The First Tattoo Reality Shows

A Deep Dive into the very first Tattoo Reality TV Shows, their effect on the industry at large, and the birth of tattoo celebrities like Kat Von D and Ami James.
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Miami Ink was the first tv show of its kind, based inside of a tattoo shop in Miami, it followed the lives of tattoo artists performing life long tattoos on clients that were made to help them overcome life’s obstacles and milestones through permanent custom tattoos. This blueprint went on to be the staple for two other reality tv shows of a similar nature, and from it came what is known at the ‘Miami Ink effect,’ and the creation of tattoo celebrities as we know it. I spent the last month watching probably a cool one hundred hours of these pop culture relics to see if they still stand up to the test of time. Hangout today and see a deep dive on Miami Ink, LA Ink, and NY Ink, the tattoo shows from 2005-2011 on TLC.

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