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Permanent tattoo experience
Laser for permanent tattoo removal
Tattoo side effects part 2

I this video I’m sharing my experience of permanent tattoo. I have five permanent tattoo which I got it done when I was in college during my graduation. Most of the teenagers fall into peer pressure or just for style statement they start doing or take steps which they regret in future. Permanent tattoo is one of those things which has a big craze amongst everyone specially teenagers of school and college. So it is very important to decide properly and then get a permanent tattoo as laser tattoo removal is not that successful in most of the cases. Laser tattoo removal hardly works and specially if you have small tattoos. It is better to go for a cover up if you don’t want a tattoo or can’t afford laser as there is no surity of laser. I also got infection in one of my tattoos so if your skin is extremely sensitive then consult a doctor first then go for a tattoo.

Aaj mai aapko permanent tattoo ke baare me batane wali hu kyunki mere khud 5 tattoo hai jo Maine college ke duraan kara liye the. Kuch tattoo ka mujhe dukh hota h ki kyu karaye kyu ki humesha ke liye aapke body pe reh jayege aur laser tattoo removal bohut mehnga hota hai aur results ka bhi nahi pata hota. Aur mere ek tattoo pe infection bhi ho gaya tha toh agar aapki skin bohut sensitive hai toh doctor de puch Ke hi tattoo karaye.

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