Tattoo Shop Reviews Silver Ant Tattoo Studio, Hanoi Vietnam

“Silver Ant Tattoo studio was established the end of 2016, and this building, I think it was built about 100 year’s ago. We decorate this shop with a lot of antique Vietnamese furnitures. So people when they come here they see something about Vietnam, it’s really interested to them. All the tattoo artists they spend six to eight hours a day tattooing. And then, at the time they have to make the design as well. So every day they work for 10 to 12 hours. The tattoo artists, they focus on their work, and then I focus on my work, so they need a guy to manage everything, and then focus on customer service. So we understand that it is like from the root of the business, each artist is comfortable, and then we can create comfortable and happy environment, then they can do their best. Aiden is the Head Artist here, he has been my friend for 20 years. He’s probably one of the three best tattoo artist in Vietnam at the moment in his style. He won four awards in one year, in 2017, so two first-places in Vietnam, and two second-places in Taiwan Tattoo Convention. And Taiwan Tattoo Convention I think now is the most reputable convention is Asia.”

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