Tattoo Shop Reviews Tattoo Machine Grips and Tips and Hygiene – p1

Talk on basic tattoo equipment – tattoo machine grips and tips. Grips that we are using or have used in our tattoo shop.

It’s not a review on brands, it’s a technical talk and advice on on grips and seeds of thought on hygiene and how or if you want to clean your tools or use single use products.

Some tips on what to do and some ideas on what to think about.
In this part I am taking a look on regular grips – old school metal grips and some good and not so good disposable grips and tips.

This talk is based on my personal experience and experience of artists I have discussed this subject.
In next video I will talk about cartridge needles and grips.

There are many other products available and if you have any questions or recommendations then feel free to let us know and leave a comment.

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