Tattoo Shop Reviews Tattoo Machine grips and tips p2 – cartridge tattoo machines

Second part of video about tattoo machine grips.

In this video I am talking about Cheyenne or cartridge machine grips and cartridges. Original and disposable grip option. And I will open up original and alternative brand cartridge to check is there any difference inside.

Video by Anrijs Straume Tattoo on FK Irons grip benefits:

Part from e-mail from manufacturer about Cheyenne grip cleaning:
“• In the event of heavy soiling, which cannot be removed by means of normal cleaning, the grip section must be cleaned in an ultrasonic bath at a frequency of 35 kHz for 10 minutes. Only the cleaning agents Tickomed 1 and Tickopur R33 (manufacturer: Dr. H. STAMM GmbH) may be used, which are applied in accordance with the manufacturer‘s specification in a concentration of 3% with cold water. After cleaning in the ultrasonic bath, attention must be paid to ensure that the grip section is fully dried. • If a sterilisation process is applied, only a steam steriliser, in which the grip section is sterilised for 20 minute sat a temperature of 121 °C and a pressure of 2 bar, may be used. After the sterilisation process, attention must be paid to ensure that the grip section is fully dried.”

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