Tattoo Shop Reviews Tattoo Shop Owner Gives Entrepreneurial Advice

Tim Laskis interviews Rex Barnes, owner, of Relentless Tattoo.
What you will see in this video:
0:00 Take 1: Funny Blooper
0:12 Take 2: Funny Blooper
0:29 Interview
1:44 How Rex Barnes started his career in the tattoo industry
2:26 Stereotypes of the tattoo industry
4:45 The moment he decided to take the leap and work for himself
6:46 Most common body part he is asked to tattoo
8:20 The strangest body part he has been asked to tattoo
9:00 Reality of being self-employed
10:15 Mental challenges of working for yourself
11:33 Two tips for aspiring entrepreneurs. Patience and Funding
14:00 Relentless Tattoo contact information
14:46 Tour of Relentless Tattoo

Contact Relentless Tattoo:

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