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Tattoo Shop Talk on useful books for tattooing.

We categorized books in few categories and first is shop front books – they are books where you can find general information about tattoos, artists and designs. Next category is flash books and in our opinion they are books more for artists to help design tattoos and get inspired those books you want to give only to customers that know more about craft. And last category would be art and reference books which would help to improve drawing skills and can be as reference pictures for various things in different positions.



Moste of the books you can find in this kit:

One book that is not in the kit but definitely is a must for everyone trying to figure tattooing out is – Reinventing The Tattoo by Guy Aitchison. Check it out if you can find it.

Check collection of Latvian tattoo artists in a book “Tinte” Tattoo Story.

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