Tattoo Shop Reviews Bishop Coil Collection Tattoo Machines | Big Sleeps, Norm | Review, Setup & Unboxing

The Bishop Coil Collection is a collaboration between Bishop and a number of tattoo artists.

Killer Ink Tattoo currently stocks two Bishop coil machines that have been created in collaboration with lettering specialists Big Sleeps and Norm.

In our latest video, we take a look at both Bishop coil tattoo machines and explain the similarities and differences between them.

Make sure to watch the video and let us know which one is your favourite in the comments section!

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Videographer: Raim Grin


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Hey guys, Liam from Killer Ink here, and today I’m going to be taking a look at the Bishop Coil Collection.

The Bishop Coil Collection is a collaboration between Bishop Tattoo Supply and tattoo artists Norm and Big Sleeps.

So, let’s have a look…

Both of these coil machines from Bishop are suited for lining, with the Norm version actually a Fast Liner.

Norm and Big Sleeps are known for their killer script and lettering work, so these Bishop coil machines would be perfect for artists with similar styles.

The Bishop Big Sleeps can be used with a large range of liner needles, from 3 to 18 liner, but it’s especially suited for larger needle groupings.

This handmade machine features 8 wrap coils and a custom-built steel frame in the shape of a ‘B’ – signifying the artist Big Sleeps.

The Bishop Norm is a general all-purpose liner that runs fast on a low voltage.

Handmade by Norm in LA, this coil machine has a lightweight, blued steel frame with short 8 wrap coils.

It also features a heavy armature bar to accommodate any needle grouping.

Both machines in the Bishop Coil Collection are available to order from Killer Ink via the link in the description below.

So, what do you think of the Bishop Coil Collection? Do you prefer the Norm or Big Sleeps machine? Let us know in the comments below, hit that like button and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel!