Tattoo Shop Reviews Dipfoam Tattoo Dip Cup Review

Have you ever used tattoo dip cups?

In this video I go over and show you an up close look at these tattoo dip cups.

Me personally I love these dip cups because they allow me to experience a smoother workflow. Upon tattooing my needles can get clogged with excess green glide, or the ink can dry out. There is some variables to consider upon tattooing and prior to using these dip cups it was a genuine pain at times.

I use the dip cups to remove excess ink, to clean my needles and these 2 variables alone are enough for me to have them at my side. A napkin in my opinion just can not achieve these results.

I like to pour some alcohol into the foam puck and leave it be. I can say for certain that using the dip cups is a better way to go especially for those whom use multiple shades and or colors.

I will go ahead and drop a link below so you can pick up some dip cups on your end.

Tattoo Dip Cups

If you have any questions at all please feel free to drop a comment down below and I will do my best to guide you in the best possible direction.

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