Tattoo Shop Reviews Dragonhawk Airfoil Tattoo Power Supply Review

Looking for a new affordable tattoo power supply?

Today we are diving into the Dragonhawk Airfoil Tattoo Power Supply. We will unbox it, go over the cosmetics, set it up, try it out, test out the consistency and more!

Overall I professionally feel that this little power supply is a great & powerful little unit, heres why. Upon using the power supply it was very user friendly, it provided me with a consistent source of power, the 1 knob/button feature also gives me a feel of ease and user friendliness. I also not that the knob has a clicking mechanism that locks each incremental change in place so it is not hard to navigate to the exact voltage you want.

Not to mention this little unit is small and compact which is great for on the go, or having as a back up power source. All in all I am personally loving this little unit as it does the job and provides with me a quick and easy workflow, while not breaking the bank.

I will link you to where you can pick up this very power supply on your end

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