Tattoo Shop Reviews Is Dragonhawk a Good Tattoo Brand? | Full Review on the Brand | Demo

Dragonhawk is a tattoo brand made in China. They create quality tattoo machines that are in par with other more expensive brands. They are thought of a knock off or clones of other brands but in reality they have their own identity. I have been using their machines for a little under 3 years now and let me tell you they are amazing. The Dragonhawk Extreme v1 has created thousands of tattoos. The Dragonhawk Extreme v2 is so versatile. You can use it to pull off many techniques. The Mast pens are used by many well known artists. The Mast Archer is my new favorite wireless tattoo machine. They are all quality machines. They also have good needles and cartridges. I have no personal experience using their power supplies.

Overall I am extremely happy with the brand, I strongly Recommend them.

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Checkout my review videos on each of these machines.

Mast Archer

Extreme v1

Extreme v2 Direct Drive

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