Tattoo Shop Reviews NEW Maybelline Microblading Pen Tint 'Tattoo Brow' Review

Will this product be easy to apply and look natura?, Will it bleed, tint the brows and last all day? Hopefully We’ll find out in this first impressions video.

Maybelline Tattoo Brow Micro Pen – £9.99 – Medium Brown

OK…I’ve no idea how to word this without sounding overly critical….so I’ll just say it….
I had to remove the product from my brows after only 2 hours. The product seriously bled and smudged and looked awful. I’m not sure how Maybelline can call this a ‘tint’ or ‘tattoo’ as it definitely doesn’t stain the skin at all. Once it started to bleed and smudge I touched it with my finger and it easily came straight off. I’m so disappointed but I’m determined to master this product, so please check back in a few days to see if there’s a further update. Maybe I should have set it in place with a powder? 🙁
Just to let you know, Maybelline is one of my favourite brands, they have some AMAZING products, so please don’t let this update put you off trying out some of their other items. xxx

Ok….So I think I might have cracked it…..Usually I do my concealer, then give that time to start drying whilst I do my brows, and then I set everything in place….The trick with this brow pen, is to make sure the area you’re applying it to is completely dry. In order to do this you need to set the area with a powder before applying it, and then set it again once you’ve applied it.
This is quite a long winded process, and you still have to stop and let the product dry all the time to make sure it doesn’t bleed on application. To be honest, I’m not entirely sure that the outcome is worth all the effort, but I’ve persevered and this is what works best on my brows. Phew….Not sure I’ll be using it again…I’m sick of the stuff now! xxx