Tattoo Shop Reviews Reelskin Tattoo Skin Review

Ever wanted to see what Reelskin tattooing practice skin up close?

In this video I go over and touch base on various aspects of Reelskin tattooing fake skin. I go over what it is like to place a stencil on and wipe it off. I share with you all up close looks at this specific Reelskin and I do a tattoo live on the spot for you all as well. I show you the instructions that came inside and more.

Do I recommend Reelskin to other tattooist around the world?

Heres why?

I personally feel that Reelskin has some valuable techniques and applications that can be learned on Reelskin such as knowing what it would feel like to stretch the skin upon tattooing as this skin can emulate a skin like stretch. Not to mention the multi colored skin tones which will help us get familiar with tattooing different skin tone colors.

The skin itself feels very soft and of a high quality material. All around Reelskin is a great practice skin. Me personally I am going to use them for 1 of my portfolios. I feel these can be great ways to show people your work up close and personal, frame them, put them up in a shop etc.

You can pick up some of this Reelskin on your end right here for a very affordable price

If I didn’t touch base on anything that you may have wanted to know upon watching this video please drop a comment below and I will assist you in the best possible direction.

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