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– Solong Tattoo Pen Rotary Tattoo Machine & Permanent Makeup Pen 10W Motor Needle Cartridges Black EM128-1

Solong Tattoo Pen Rotary Tattoo Machine & Permanent Makeup Pen 10W Motor Needle Cartridges Black EM128-1It’s been working really well. I’ve had it a few months and it’s comparable to my 500.00 machine. I am very happy with it
This machine is AMAZING.Ive been using it for a couple weeks now- pulls great lines,packs color,shades well. Been using it to transition from coils to rotary.
Just wanted to share what Ive created with it so far. Will definitely buy again. (p.s-it will not make you an amazing artist overnight.ive been tattooing for is a great tool however)Works well with davinci and t tech cartridges.
Sobfar works great. Just did a coverup onmyself (ow) and it ran just fine. Will see how it holds up and update if needed. – good adjustability. Light. Quiet. Smooth.
Beginer tattoo artist here never touched a machine until today im super stoked but dont know if this gooy stuff is sapouse to be on my machine? Do I whipe it off or leave and apply the gooy stuff on my machine every so offten?
Lining is so precise no need for rubberbands, very comfortable pen like feel. Color is very vibrant and true to photo. Color packing is pretty amazing and you literally get double your money back for one tattoo, which pays for the machine itself.
Great for beginners and professionals. Mind you initially getting the machine I hand drew and freestyled every design on fruit so excuse the pencil marks in the fruit.
Its cheap knock off crap but it runs surprisingly well.Mine lasted about a year so with off and on usage before the motor died.Might buy another for fun.Its a good way to test if you like pens before investing in something with a better quality motor.
My husband just recieved his today and Im being tatted as we speak. Hes loving it and as a person being tatted I can handle this way better than a regular tattoo machine gun.
The weight doesnt make for a heavy hand. I can handle more tattoos with this bad boy! My husband wants more of these as well. I dont think he will go back to his others now lol.
The machine is very easy to use, very quiet, very reliable. I love the tattoo machine. Iv been tattooing for 1 month and have only used this machine. It’s a great tool for some one that’s just looting to tattoo and has a limited budget.
Awsome machine very light and comfortable. Also very silent and smooth. Lines well and shades very well easy to use and convenient with cartridges. You wouldnt even be able to tell that this machine was only 49$ Fells like a 300$+ machine 5 stars
My friend and I was talking about tattoo machines one day at work and he asked me if Ive ever seen a tattoo pen?
So I went home that day and looked them up on Amazon I was looking for a cheaper machine just to test it and if I liked it then upgrade, well Im just going to be completely honest I Love the machine its perfect and works better than anything Ive tried and still running strong to this day!
it has over 10/15 tattoos on it and If it ever does break Im going to order this again and again, thank u for a great tattoo machine
It’s worth it if you kno what your doing …I got it today and did a 270 dollar tattoo so yea worked out fine
Learning how to tattoo n ive done 2 tattoos on my leg..this machine is awesome sofar
Great machine, worth the money
Solid machine well worth the price. I used eztat cartridges and it ran really smoothly up to par if not better than my $200 machines
Great machine for new artists, being a fresh off the boat artist my self, I needed somthing to start with without spending alot of money and this machine is the perfect way to go, its light,easy to work with and packs a solid hit most of the time wich is why I dropped a star on it, not that am complaining seeing that in order for me to get a machine with more consistent hit Ill have to spend more than 10 times what this one cost, by knowing the basics about needle classefcation and how deep they should go in the skin I was able to go over the areas where I didnt get the results I wanted in the first pass multiple times without over working the skin and in the end both me and my canvas were very happy with the result ,I would very much recommend it and I would definitely buy it again if mine breaks down.
Im a Licensed Tattoo Artist and my shop takes care of a lot of clients!! Since the day I opened the package this machine has been runnin..