My tattoo artist put me on something new, and I love it!

Traditional tattoo aftercare methods can be time consuming and inconvenient: applying lotions multiple times a day, keeping it out of water, and protecting it from environmental irritants. Saniderm tattoo bandages reduce healing times significantly while providing a waterproof barrier against contaminants that could permanently damage your tattoo.

Saniderm is an effective barrier against water, dirt, germs, and friction – all of which will damage your tattoo and impair the beauty of your finished tattoo. Go about your business knowing that your tattoo is protected from everything and that it will heal as beautifully as you intended.
Bandages similar to Saniderm have been used by doctors and surgeons for over 30 years. Saniderm works by locking in your body’s natural healing fluids so your tattoo stays hydrated and heals quickly and efficiently with no scabbing and reduced scarring.
Oxygen is vital for a healing tattoo, without it, your skin suffocates. Saniderm is engineered to be gas permeable so your skin can “breathe” and get all the oxygen it needs to heal perfectly. Because it is breathable, Saniderm can be worn for several days at a time while your tattoo heals.