Tattoo Shop Reviews TKTX Red Tattoo Numbing Cream Review 2020

Today I do a review on the Tattoo Numbing Cream “TKTX RED” 39%

I bought this for $25 AUD and in my experience it worked wonders for me.

Be sure to check if your tattoo artist allows you to use numbing cream as some artists prefer you don’t.


Dry shave the area that’s going to be tattooed.
Apply a thick layer of TKTX to the area that you have just dry shaved. (I used almost the entire 10g tube.)
Wrap the area in clear/cling wrap.
After 90-120 mins, take the cling wrap off at the tattoo shop and have your artist wipe off the excess cream and then you’re ready to go!

Best results are if you leave the cream on longer.
I had my cream on and wrapped for roughly 2 hrs. This gave me 3 hrs of numbing which was how long the tattoo took.

As I had a good experience with this cream, it may not work for you.
If you’re going to buy TKTX, buy it from their website for the most trusted product.
Use at own risk.