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After ten years with Cap Szumski and Timeless Tattoo he is venturing out and opening his own doors in the tattoo world with “Kingdom Tattoo” in Decatur, GA

Who did you apprentice under and how much of an influence did they have on your style and your work today? I apprenticed under Rob Knight and Gary Yoxen. Up until this point I was still working with Rob. He’s got an amazing handle on fine line black and gray. He has defiantly had a heavy influence with me in that department.
I first started coming to you when you were working at Timeless Tattoo. You were working under world-renowned artist, Cap Szumski for many years. What brought you to open up your own shop and why the name “Kingdom Tattoo”? Big question! Might be hard to fully unpack that one, but let’s try. I’ve had the greatest possible experience working for Cap. I’ve learned so much from everyone at Timeless. The bonds that I have with those guys will never be broken. With that said, there’s a time for everything and my time is now. As far as the name Kingdom goes, that’s in reference to God’s Kingdom. I can only point you to the book that influenced me and changed my perception of our time here. That book is by N. T. Wright and is titled: “How God became King.”

What is it about your work that keeps you with a steady clientele? I think it’s a combination of the quality of my work and how I interact with my clients. My profession is customer driven. Customer service is top priority with me and my staff. I want to accomplish my clients vision by applying it to the tried and true methods and fundamentals of good tattooing. The two together, client vision with my method, will produce a tattoo that will look great for a life time. And that makes for a very happy client.

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