Tattoo Shop Reviews Pirate Face Carver Tattoo Kit Unbox and Real Review

Opening the new Carver tattoo kit from Pirate Face. How does it feel? Cheap? Well made? What comes in the kit? Is it worth the money for a starting artist? What about an apprentice or pro? Go through the kit quickly but informatively to see what’s what! A review of tattoos done with each machine and the supplied ink to follow.

If you are looking around online for a kit to try your artistic eye at tattooing is this the right starter kit for you? Should you buy the Pirate Face tattoo kit and just start ripping up your friends? Rotary vs. Coil machines?

If this video gets enough likes and subs then I will go much further with this. I will do a tattoo time lapse with each machine and go in depth on everything that it comes with from the needles to the o-rings.

Thanks for watching!