Tattoo Shop Reviews Tattoo Historian Rates 15 Iconic Movie And TV Tattoos | How Real Is It?

Tattoos often crop up in movies and TV, with depictions ranging from accurate to disastrous.

Matt Lodder is a senior lecturer in art history and theory and the director of American studies at the University of Essex. He’s referred to as an expert in tattoo history, and he lectures on tattoos as fine art at The Arts Society.

Lodder discusses the cultural significance and accuracy of famous tattoos in movies and TV shows, such as Jason Momoa’s in “Justice League” and Jared Leto’s in “Suicide Squad.” Lodder told us about the true stories and real-life tattoo artists that may have influenced the design choices for “The Hangover Part II” and “Red Dragon.”

Lodder also disproved some historically inaccurate tattoos, such as those in “The Mummy” and “Pirates of the Caribbean.”

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Tattoo Historian Rates 15 Iconic Movie And TV Tattoos | How Real Is It?