Tattoo Shop Reviews Tattoo review regarding Big Daddy‘s tattoos in college station.

I’m proud of the 30 years I spent teaching young artist how to tattoo . It was the most productive years of my life.
Several artist that worked for me through the years thought that I was rude and didn’t know what I was doing, several of them stole from the studio and some of them treated the customers disrespectfully and were immediately run out of the studio.
These are a few things that I absolutely would not tolerate in any of the studios that I own.
I absolutely would not tolerate male chauvinist pigs if you were a misogynist and treated women with disrespect or try to trade piercings or tattoos for sex you were out of the studio immediately. If you tried to sell drugs of any kind out of the studio you no longer work for the studio. If I hired you because you told me you had five years of experience but there were dots at the ends of your lines I knew you were full of shit and you either learn how to do it right or you were put out of the studio immediately. If you tattooed on minors you were let’s go immediately.If you didn’t keep your work area absolutely clean and sterile you were giving one warning and if there was a second time that it was found dirty you were let go immediately and the person that I brought in to take your place would clean your work area before he or she started working and then he was or she was expected to keep it that way.
When I started the program 30 years ago in Austin Texas the program grew so fast that it took me 13 studios studios to place all of the apprentices so there wouldn’t be too many in anyone studio. They were four-man studios with the exception of Notorious Ed’s on Six Street and Capital City on Six Street.
The instructor of the program for 30 years was Notorious Ed, Ed was sent to me by Singapore John’s Tattoo arcade in San Antonio, John wanted me to get rid of Ed because he was strung out on Heroin and he had gotten himself in debt with the local motorcycle club in San Antonio. I really didn’t have a problem with getting rid of Ed but after a couple weeks I thought I had a chance to get him off the dope and use him in the program to teach the young artist how to use and tune their machines and it was the best decision I have ever made throughout my life.
Through the 30 years of having Ed work for me he did what I ask and he stayed out of San Antonio and he stayed away from his brother Honest Charlie, Charlie and Singapore John both wanted Ed out of San Antonio not to ever I mean ever return to San Antonio. After 30 years of Ed staying out of San Antonio I went out of town to Las Vegas and while I was gone Ed took his car and went to San Antonio to score some drugs (Heroin) after he got the drugs he lost his car somewhere in San Antonio he ended up in his brother Charlie’s studio he was so messed up and he smelled so bad Charlie took him to the bus station and dropped him off and sent him back to College Station. It upset me so bad I made a complete separation from Ed and the program and almost 3 years later I have not talk to Ed because he had embarrassed me so bad by going to his brothers studio while he was so high he didn’t have a clue what he was doing if he wouldn’t have went to Charlie’s studio in San Antonio I probably would have kept Ed and cleaned him up but after 30 years it upset me so bad I wasn’t able to see or deal with him for any reason.
For 30 years I put up with more bullshit from Ed then I had anybody in my lifetime but despite it all he gave more artist an opportunity to get into this industry and be credible wherever they went to work at once they had finished the program. Most of the students love Ed and steel have much respect for him.
How do I feel about Ed? I loveI him with all my heart and I wish nothing but happiness for him.
If you live in the Bryan College Station community or surrounding areas there are two tattoo studios that I would recommend to you to get your work out and that would be Arsenal Tattoo and Bryan and Liberty Tattoo in College Station these are the only Credible Professional Tattoo Studios in the Bryan College Station community.

A few of my personal favorites that went through the program and have been professional credible artist for more than 20 years. Morgan the owner of classic Tattoo in San Marcos Texas, Jason Morrow of Big Brain Tattoo in Omaha Nebraska,Garrett Myers in Saint Paul Minnesota, EvilDave in Denver Colorado and one of my personal favorites is Jonathan Furlough (John Zig) Austin Texas
These are just a few of my favorites I just realized there are more then I can remember it’s been a successful 30 years and I’m proud of every apprentice that has gone through the program.

Mike Rudy Burford