Tattoo Shop Reviews The Black Tattoo by Sam Enthoven — Book Review

My “return” to trying and review books I’ve read on a somewhat regular basis. At least I hope anyway.

Genre: Teen, supernatural, paranormal, fantasy


Jack Farrell never thought he would end up in Hell. Certainly not when he was still alive. And definitely not by choice. But that’s exactly where he does end up–in one of Hell’s prison cells, no less, with only a giant two headed tapeworm for conversation.

But what else can he do? Jack’s best friend Charlie is in serious trouble. An ancient demon called the Scourge is using Charlie to bring about its evil ends—which, unfortunately, involves the destruction of an entire universe.

Now Jack and the butt-kicking, sword wielding Esme must contend with floating sharks, moving jelly, over sized centipedes, gladiator pits, and vomiting bats, all for the sake of saving Charlie from the Scourge.

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