Tattoo Shop Reviews Trinidad Espiritu | Black Lion Luxuries Review Cigars for Beginners | How to Properly Smoke a Cigar

Trinidad Espiritu sent by Black Lion Luxuries. In this video we do a cigar review. It’s one of those cigars for beginners that smokes well. We also show you how to properly smoke a cigar in every video. In some cases there is no right or wrong way. This Cigar Review in 2021 is brought to you by the Meet in the Middle cigar show. #MITMCIGAR Shows are published on iROBUSTO YouTube at 7:00pm Eastern. We feature different cigars ever week and provide you cigar info and cigar talk on the longest running cigar show on YouTube. Not only do we review the cigars, but we provide cigar tips, tricks and tools for your enjoyment.

Cigar Reviews 2021
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